Modern agriculture has become a source of income for a great number of businesses which never existed before. Agrochemical corporations have outgrown the farms by the volumes of money they earn. Logically, the more they earn, the more farmers spend while shrinking their own earnings. Eventually, the consumer pays it all. So, how much does […]

Biodynamic farming will absolutely come to prevail in the global agricultural scene within just a few years due to the exponential use (or rather misuse) of mineral fertilizers and crop protection chemicals all of which are made with the use of drastically diminishing natural reserves of oil and natural gas.

Organic farming can build up soil organic matter better than conventional no-till farming. This virtue of organic farming methods, amid the expanding marketing of no-till methods and overpriced no-till equipment, have been proven by a long-term study by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists. Agricultural team of researchers made the discovery during a nine-year study at […]

The global food crisis and how to stop hunger from escalating in the midst of the current economic crisis will be the subject of a recent G8 meeting of Agricultural ministers in Treviso, Italy. For now, the G8 and the United States continue to advocate the same disastrous policies that got us into the current […]